February 13, 2023

Love in the City of Lights

Romantic Destinations: Paris, France

I hate to be cliché, but the first time I fell in love was in Paris, the City of Lights.  I was 27 years old and working in AT&T’s International Services Division.  It was my first trip to the Paris AT&T office where we were preparing for some intense meetings with France Telecom.

My ego was already inflated, as there I was with my briefcase hopping on the Paris Metro to go to the office in La Defense with all the other Parisian working stiffs.  The night after that long day at work, I met a young man who would move to Miami the following year to be with me.  He had lived in Australia for a few years, so his English was perfect, but with a French accent.  However, his two dogs, Billy and Sylvie, only understood French. So while AT&T was paying for me to take Spanish lessons, I changed the order at the language school to French lessons, so that I could communicate with Billy and Sylvie. So yes, I learned French for the dogs…and that is true love.

By Andrew Cohan