Our Team

We provide established and emerging brands, management companies, and owners with specialized solutions to optimize the value of their investments and produce successful destinations.

Christopher Henry

Chief Executive Officer

Travel, hospitality, and architecture—these are a few of Chris’ favorite things, and he’s lucky enough to live out his childhood dream of making a career out of them. He’s also a card- carrying member of the vintage United Airlines Red Carpet Club (#teamtulip) though he prefers to spend his time with his feet planted on the ground, exploring the outdoors with his partner and a mojito in hand.

Terry Henry

Chief Financial Officer

When he’s not crunching numbers, you’ll find Terry sowing seeds in his garden, or else taking his puppy, Pepper, on a walk around Rancho Park. The only things off limits to Pepper? Terry’s Apple Mac Pro (the one with the floating screen) and the occasional, celebratory cigars safely stuffed in a black leather case in Terry’s carry-on. Among his accomplishments, Terry counts his relationship with his son Chris as #1, from race car driving to projects that take the duo around the world doing the work they love.

Kaitlyn Spinney

Corporate Strategy

When she’s not creating memorable experiences for clients and the people she works with, Kaitlyn’s taking a page out of that book for her own pursuits—out on the golf course, paddle boarding, or spending time with her sweet dog. Thanks to modern technology, Kaitlyn’s Kindle full of books doesn’t weigh her down much when she’s traveling. Out of all the chapters read and written, and all those still to come, it’s the adventures — in work and in life — that make her proud.

Rick Volpe

Land Planning Advisor

Rick’s the kind of guy you want to know. He’s never far from colored pencils and tracing paper, a visionary when it comes to landscape and design. But, it’s butt butter and an allen wrench he can’t live without (when you mountain bike as much as he does, let’s just say the butter’s key to the bottom line). Rick loves the creative process—he sees each project as a unique opportunity—pulling back layers to expose the diamond in the rough. A beautiful byproduct of his partnerships in design are friendships forged all over the world.

Dr. Patrick Ryan

Cultural & Environmental Advisor

Sure, Patrick advises us on key cultural and environmental factors, but it’s always been what lies beneath the surface that piques Patrick’s interest (case in point the black light wand in his carry on to search for scorpions at his destination). That’s also why he’s enamored with the underwater world, an avid diver and photographer. Living life to its fullest gets Patrick up each day—researching, educating, and learning—both in his professional role and as a dad.

Laird Bennion

Development Advisor

Ask Laird anything, and he’ll have an answer for you—after all, he was on the California Quiz Bowl championship team in 1999. Laird’s pondered many questions in two+ decades since then, including most recently, what “at work” means post-COVID. He wakes up every day eager for adventure—day dreaming about walkable North American cities. With his head in the clouds, and his assets safely tucked into the iCloud, Laird carries no less than three books when he boards a plane, lest he finish one and have to choose what to read next.

Andrew Cohan

Managing Director - Miami

To get to know Andrew Cohan is like peering into a library full of travels, experience, and reference guides. A true hospitality professional with experience in real estate, marketing, and account management, he is as comfortable in the Caribbean and Costa Rica as he is in Colorado and the Carolinas. Andrew is a supporter of the Global Wellness Institute, an Ally of the Transformational Travel Council, a member of Regenerative Travel, and completed just a small side hustle last year, studying Circular Economics at Cambridge University. He will be heading up our pre-development market study and feasibility practice and establishing our presence in Miami.

Lawrence Adams, AIA

Managing Director in Dallas

Lawrence is not just a top hotel designer; he's a true aviation enthusiast who loves reading aviation magazines at 30,000 feet. An instrument-rated private pilot, Lawrence's skills and passions keep him soaring both in the skies and in his career. A proud father of three accomplished daughters, he starts his day with his cat's early morning wake-up call, followed by the New York Times and Starbucks French Roast. When not working on luxury hotels, catch him on the tennis court or biking around town.

Sol Ortasse

Director of Business Development

When he’s not diving into grilled lamb chops while watching his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers, Sol Ortasse is providing business-minded solutions to some of the most elite media and marketing companies in the country. Our new Director of Business Development is an avid traveler, movie-watcher and father to his daughter, Alexandra. Sol enjoys genealogy research on the side (we don’t know where he finds the time) and reading the latest Gabriel Allon novel.

Scott Hilchey

Market Research Director

Zachary Lapidus

Hospitality Management Advisor

Most hoteliers keep the standards in their carry on: travel toothbrush, mini soap. But there’s nothing standard about Zachary Lapidus. Along with a deck of cards, Zach’s likely flying with his prized golf clubs in the overhead bin. Zach’s most prized possessions of all though, are family, friends, and the relationships he’s built over his career, from Switzerland to LA. When he’s not at work, find Zachary coaching and cheering on his son.

Renata Eng

Senior Associate

Always trying to exceed expectations and surprise others, Renata is constantly interested in meeting new people and learning about different cultures. An avid reader, scuba diver, and amateur photographer, she loves the outdoors, sports, and meditation. Since her first day in university, she knew that the hospitality industry was her passion. She’d go on to develop a hospitality career in Brazil and beyond. More than a decade later, that feeling never changed.