June 24, 2024

Streamlining Hotel Development: Majestic Hospitality’s One-Stop Approach

One-Stop Approach to Hotel Consultancy

Constructing or renovating a hotel is a complex endeavor that requires careful planning, strategic insights, and effective execution. Majestic Hospitality is transforming this process by offering a comprehensive “one-stop shopping” approach, similar to models prevalent in Asia. Here’s how this method can revolutionize hotel development in the US:

Comprehensive Consulting Services

Majestic Hospitality’s mission is to streamline the hotel development process. By providing a unified solution, we reduce an owner’s reliance on numerous consultants. Our fully integrated approach delivers significant cost, efficiency, and timing benefits for US hotel owners and developers. Majestic’s in-house capabilities enable it to directly take projects from the site selection and feasibility study phases, through full design and planning, securing entitlements, and finally construction management for completion. Think of it as once source for the full life cycle of the development process. 

Strategic Market Analysis

Understanding market dynamics is crucial. Majestic Hospitality emphasizes thorough market analysis to assess economic health, business growth, and population trends, ensuring the new hotel meets demand and maximizes profitability. Our team’s ability to plug and play in any global market gives us a unique competitive advantage; it is a fundamental mindset that is neither myopic nor black and white. This provides us the ability to harness a continuous feed of global intelligence for tracking macro industry trends while also yielding a “living with the locals” insight to micro-regional issues. 

Prime Location Selection

Real estate development has three key criteria: Location, Location, Location. Choosing the right site is paramount. Factors like ease of access, visibility, proximity to local attractions, and safety are prioritized to enhance the hotel’s appeal and competitiveness. Through desktop and boots-on-the-ground research our team can validate the value and worthiness of a site for the hotel project a client envisions. For larger ventures, our in-house land planner can analyze a vast site with incredible accuracy to determine the prime locations for the envisioned facilities. This type of project requires serious boots on the ground, and we have hiked/biked/swam/4x4ed countless miles to investigate and develop the right strategic plan. It is our commitment to the process. 

Risk Management

One of the few guarantees in life is that nothing ever goes according to plan. Life just has too many variables. So, risk management is integral to Majestic’s strategy efforts. By evaluating developmental, social, and operational risks, we aim to ensure the hotel’s feasibility and stability, planning for a three-year ramp to full operational capacity. As we have all learned over the past few years, predetermined plans and strategies need to be in place for crises such as political turmoil, social unrest, labor strikes, economic downturns, natural disasters, and pandemics. In all things, it is best to be prepared. 

Adaptation to Industry Trends

Majestic Hospitality stays ahead by identifying and adapting to lasting industry trends. This ensures the new hotel remains relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing market. Unique to Majestic Hospitality is our consumer analytics and Customer360 programs that were developed in-house. These tools allow us to scope, size, and penetrate markets utilizing consumer data from outside the typical hotel industry sources. This provides our team with deeper and further understanding of what customers are looking to experience and what they are willing to spend.

Also, our team’s collective passion for travel fuels our ability to follow the latest trends. We are always out exploring the world on both business and personal trips. This global knowledge and insight allows our team to pull in the latest experiences to enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction.


Above all else, Majestic Hospitality prides itself on integrity. Just like a hotel, we value our customers and strive to build long-term relationships. Nothing speaks louder than faith and trust from repeat clients. Leading with integrity allows us to confidently advise clients with strategies and solutions based on strong foundational principles. We also know when to say “no” since, for us, it is not just about generating revenue but rather the desire and passion to see clients succeed.

Majestic Hospitality’s comprehensive consulting services offer a streamlined, cost-effective, and efficient approach to hotel development, setting a new standard in the industry. 

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