July 17, 2021

The Rise of Second Cities

New York Times has once again redefined its ’52 Places’ adding ‘For A Changed World’ to its annual roundup, highlighting alternatives to overtouristed areas (think Chioggia instead of Venice), and areas where sustainability is no longer an afterthought (check into the regenerative resort, Playa Viva in Zihuatanejo, where your stay contributes to education, conservation, and agriculture). Out of 52 places, the list doesn’t include one single mainstream attraction or city (not even you, Cleveland), guiding prospective travelers away from Manhattan, and instead to Queens, and detouring from Mediterranean hotspots like Barcelona instead to lesser known Canary Islands like El Heirro, a place powered entirely by wind and water.

Opportunistic hotel and investment groups are following the trend, so don’t be surprised if a boutique hotel pops up in your hometown this year, as second cities and tertiary markets are on the rise. Looking to create, rediscover, or expand a destination in 2022? We’d love to guide the process.