January 11, 2024

Top Winter Travel Destinations from Majestic Hospitality Experts

With our global reach of hospitality advisory services, we recently surveyed our Majestic Hospitality team to uncover their top picks for winter getaways. The results are as diverse and fascinating as the destinations themselves, reflecting a blend of luxury, family fun, winter adventure, and natural beauty.

Domestic Winter Getaways

1. Park City, Utah

Our CEO & Founder Chris Henry kicks off the list with Park City/Deer Valley in Utah, reflecting his penchant for both luxury and adventure. This destination is famed for its world-class ski resorts, offering a mix of challenging slopes for avid skiers and gentler ones for beginners. The après-ski scene is reason enough to visit, featuring fine dining, exclusive shops, and cultural events, making it a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and relaxation.

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Meanwhile in Santa Fe, our Chief Financial Officer Terry Henry has found what he considers a true winter wonderland. Terry and his family have visited Santa Fe, New Mexico for the past thirty years in the fall and winter, he loves waking up to light “powered sugar” snow in the morning, and the way the altitude turns everything clear and crisp as nightfalls. The Old Plaza downtown is awash in multi colored light  and luminaries—serving winter charm in droves—and the El Dorado Hotel is a great place to rest and fill up on local cuisine.

3. Breckenridge, Colorado

Jill Bowsher’s choice is the family-friendly Breckenridge, Colorado. The Grand Timber Lodge, known for its stunning location and consistent quality, is her go-to accommodation. Breckenridge offers more than just skiing and snowboarding—Jill particularly enjoys the local town’s exceptional shopping experience when she’s not managing Majestic Hospitality’s accounting.

4. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

A few slopes away, you’ll arrive at our Land Planning Advisor’s favorite winter getaway, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The traditional western mountain town and modern ski mountain is just far enough from Rick Volpe’s home in Boulder to feel like a real getaway.  It’s a great year-round playground for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, but Rick prefers to ski.

5. Lake Superior, North Shore, Minnesota

Kaitlyn Spinney, Corporate Strategy, recommends a winter wonderland closer to home at the Lutsen Lodge on Minnesota’s North Shore. Overlooking scenic Lake Superior, this resort offers proximity to skiing and the unique charm of the North Shore. A drive to Duluth, she suggests, is well worth it to experience the region’s breathtaking winter scenery and equally impressive fall colors.

6. Yosemite National Park, California

When it comes to visiting National Parks in the winter months, Solomon Ortasse’s ideal winter getaway is a cottage at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite Park. The Ahwahnee, renowned for its stunning architecture and historical significance, provides a luxurious base for exploring the natural wonders of Yosemite. The secluded cottages offer an intimate, serene experience, perfect for unwinding after a day of hiking, photography, or simply enjoying the majestic scenery.

7. The Catskills, New York

Regina Rosato’s preference for Scribner’s Catskill Lodge in Hunter, New York, speaks to her designer’s eye for aesthetics and comfort. Nestled in the picturesque Catskill Mountains, Scribner’s offers a cozy yet modern retreat with beautifully designed interiors and panoramic views of the surrounding nature. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking a tranquil escape with opportunities for hiking, skiing, and enjoying the local food and maker scene.

International Winter Getaways

  1. Interlaken, Switzerland

Our Market Research Director, Scott Hilchey’s selection of Interlaken, Switzerland, showcases his appreciation for breathtaking natural beauty and worldly cultural experiences. Interlaken, situated between two Alpine lakes and surrounded by stunning mountain peaks, is a gateway to the Alps and a hub for outdoor winter sports. The town also serves as a cultural crossroads, offering a blend of Swiss traditions, international cuisine, and a serene, picturesque environment.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Laird Bennion’s choice of Istanbul in the off-season captures a fondness for the city’s unique charm during quieter times. The drizzly weather reminiscent of Seattle’s fall, coupled with the vibrant street life and rich culinary scene, makes Istanbul an enchanting destination. Staying at 10 Karakoy offers convenient access to coffee houses, the funicular railway, and the historic old city across the Golden Horn. Istanbul’s blend of culture, cuisine, and the presence of friendly street cats adds to the allure of this eclectic city getaway.

3. British Virgin Islands

Finally, with a much needed winter warm up, we conclude the list with a balmy, breezy selection from Andrew Cohan, our Managing Director – Miami and resident  yachting enthusiast. Andrew prefers the serene North Bay area of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Here, the mode of transportation is as unique as the destination itself, with yachts being the primary means to explore tiny island restaurants and luxurious communities like the Oil Nut Bay Residential Community or the more accessible Bitter End Yacht Resort.

Each destination offers a unique blend of activities, scenery, and experiences, catering to a wide range of preferences, from luxury seekers to family adventurers. These personal recommendations from Majestic Hospitality employees showcase the rich variety of winter travel options available.